Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene's Web Log

Colossus: Cold Steel

The Metal Colossus
Not like the brazen giant of Earth fame,
With conquering limbs astride from star to star;
Here at our meteor-washed, Jupiter Gates shall stand
A mighty warrior with a fusion cell, whose laser
Is the imprisoned lightning, and his name
Father of Lions. From his beacon-hand
Glows system-wide welcome; his fierce eyes command
The warp-bridged station that twin moons frame.
“Keep, ancient nations, your storied pomp!” cries he
With silent lips. “Give me your bloody, your skilled,
Your greedy masses yearning to breathe lead,
The wretched warriors of your teeming orbit.
Send these, the feared, war-hungry to me,
I lift my standard beside the steel door!”

  • Lazarus, Chief Of Ceremonies, 3033AF

Building The Fire (1AF) The first to emerge After the Fall from bunkers and fortresses, built in a more paranoid and war-engulfed era, were babes in the cold. They were ready to give up their respective nationalities and beliefs. They had seen what religion and patriotism had done to our womb and they were ready to be birthed without those cords. Those who couldn’t release themselves were silenced quickly. Humans cannot exist in a permanent vacuum of power however and the upper echelons of the massive corporations turned cabals from that same war-engulfed era saw an opportunity.

Spreading The Disease (2090AF) It wouldn’t take long for before access to the vast stores of technology and limited resources pushed Humanity to the brink of destruction. Noticing this the corporations quickly campaigned a push to leave Earth for the bountiful skies. Since no single corporation had the power many alliances were formed in order to push beyond the heavens. This struggle would continue until the Colossi’s discovery.

The 30 Foot Gods Of War (3055AF)The Colossi were machines of pure war and human bloodlust. Their bodies made in the vague image of man and technology. Equipped with weapons that could level entire buildings and plating that could withstand the harshest of tank barrages. Entire Colossi were found in the deep of Earth, wrapped up in the embrace of our shame and history. Another resource for the wolves to fight over. The corporations lead teams of men and women to find as many as possible. For a while they only found the final shipments before the Fall. This was until Hans-Attila Inc. discovered the lone surviving Colossus Forge. It would set the world on fire one last time. The cold of space was never so inviting.