Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene's Web Log

Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene

I’ve been writing software for the last 13 years and professionally working as a software engineer for the last 11 years. I have been a part of a long list of companies and a wide range of teams: I have worked in backend engineering, frontend engineering, analytics engineering, and developer operation engineering roles. I have worked on large web applications and small web applications, as a salaried full-time employee and a contract engineer. I have worked hard to achieve my place in the programming community by working on Open Source software, and mentoring junior engineers. I devote my work time to the development of business software and my free time to the art of programming.

You can find my Github at https://github.com/krainboltgreene and my LinkedIn here at https://www.linkedin.com/in/krainboltgreene

What I can do

I primarily have experience in Ruby and JavaScript as a senior full stack engineer having worked on both frontend features, backend features, data processing, and devops. I have extensive experience with Rails and a lot of in-depth work experience using React and Redux. I have worked significant with all sorts of JSON-based HTTP APIs including contributing and implementing tooling for JSON:API (the specification and standard). I have a good understanding of GraphQL (via Netflix’s Falcor, Facebook’s Relay, Apollo, and my own implementation). I have a very good working grasp of PostgreSQL, but I have also used and worked in environments with MySQL and MongoDB.

Where I want to work

I currently live in Los Angeles, CA but I am open to moving to the following locations:

I am also extremely open to remote work. I have worked in many remote positions in my career and with remote engineers.

Who I want to work with

I’m looking to work for a company that matches my ethical praxis:

I am completely open to discussing what these mean with you.

What I have worked on

I have contributed to a significant number of open source projects of the last 12 years, with these being the ones I think are at least worth mentioning:

Where I have worked

I’ve also worked the following places:

What I have been a part of

I have organized or been a part of organizing these events or groups: